About Us

Web City is committed to giving back to the community that we work in each and every day. We understand that many of our houses are located in areas where people lack resources to access healthy food, healthcare, and a proper education. We also know that the Dallas community is a resilient one, full of talented, caring, strong-minded families and individuals.


With our mission to make lasting impact, our company has started to launch new programs intertwined with our operations and staff.

The last week of each month, our customers, staff, and members of the community can come to the office and pick up groceries to assist them for the month. We carry produce, meat, and canned goods, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle. We do not require an ID and there are no strings attached. To sign up, fill out the form here or call the number given below.

More recently, we have launched a financial literacy program to provide one-on-one mentorship and education to families and individuals in need. This program is sponsored by the FDIC and helps people learn to budget, save, and invest.

For information on these programs and how to sign up or volunteer call giving director Jordan D’Silva at 214-886-7947.


Web City also gives to highly-vetted local nonprofits who have shown a clear impact in providing education, healthcare, food, and affordable housing. These nonprofits not only have made an impact, but they operate ethically and transparently, working to empower the inherent gifts in the people they serve. These are the following nonprofits we give to:

If you are interested in getting involved, donating, or receiving resources from these organizations, call Jordan at 214-886-7947.